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Mopar Zipper Lube - June 11, 2009

Has anyone noticed that it's almost impossible to get your hands on Mopar Zipper Lube? None of the local Chrysler dealers seem to keep it in stock. They claim that the supplier requires a minimum order of far more than the dealer would ever be able to sell and it's just not worth it to keep the lube in stock. That's bad news for us Wrangler owners.

Luckily, there are plenty of places to find Mopar Zipper Lube online. The only problem is that the prices are outrageous. A bottle of Mopar Zipper Lube at the dealship should cost under $10. We bought ours for a total of $16 - half for the bottle and half for the shipping.

The Mopar Zipper Lube comes in liquid form and can be quite messy to use. The liquid also attracts dirt while riding which can make the zippers even more difficult to use than before applying the lubricant in the first place. Overall I don't think the Mopar Zipper Lube is worth the money...there are other products that do a much better job.

One product we found is MAD DOG GEAR ZIPPER LUBE. It's a dry formula - NOT a liquid. This helps keep the dirt away from your zippers so they can stay clean while working great. The bottle even says it's ideal for zippers used in dusty and dirty conditions. You definitely get more for your money.

So overall, if you can get some Mopar Zipper Lube at your local dealer, consider yourself lucky. If not, explore your other options before spending an arm and a leg for such an unremarkable, underperforming product.



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