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Jeep Rewards Visa - May 02, 2009

Today we received our Jeep Rewards Visa card in the mail. We are so excited!

There are a lot of credit cards with rewards programs - but most of them are not so rewarding. You spend so much money on purchases only to find out that you can redeem your points for items that you neither want nor need. Who really wants a toaster oven? Worse yet, you'll find out that you spent almost $15,000 on purchases just to get the points needed for a toaster oven. That's not much of a reward.

The Jeep Rewards Visa from Bank of America is highly practical. Using the Jeep Rewards Visa card for purchases will help us earn points that we can use toward monthly payments, the cost of maintenance, accessories, and any of the great Jeep items at It's very simple - for every dollar you spend making a purchase, you get one reward point. For every dollar you spend on buying genuine Mopar products, maintenance at your Jeep dealer, or purchases made at sites like, you earn five points!

The best part about the Jeep Rewards Visa is that we can redeem our points for things we truly want AND need. It's nice to know that by making everyday purchases with our Jeep Rewards Visa, we will be helping to reduce the cost of caring for and maintaining our Jeep Wrangler. If you own a Jeep Wrangler, or any Jeep vehicle, consider getting the Jeep Rewards Visa - it truly is rewarding.

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